Year Round Membership for Kindergartners

We are SOLD OUT of Year Round Memberships for Kindergartners. Thank you for your interest.

Those who wish to register for our afterschool program with summer weeks please go ahead and do that on the parent portal by clicking REGISTER on the menu above. Final rosters will be communicated to parents on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Here is what the Kindergarten Year Round Membership Includes:

Guaranteed Placement in Our Afterschool Program
Three Weeks of August Kindergarten Summer Camp included (8am to 4pm)
Year Long Full Time Tuition for Kindergartners included
Early bird savings on all your summer camp weeks
Year Round Membership Price: $11,000

There are a limited number of Year Round Memberships for Kindergarten. Before considering Year Round Membership, please read all of the following including payment options and refund policy below.

Note: There are no kindergarten summer camp weeks in June or July.

Guaranteed Placement in the Afterschool Program

There are a limited number of Year Round Memberships. Within 1 business day of payment, you will receive confirmation of your guaranteed roster spot for Fall 2017 – 2018.

Membership also guarantees the placement of any siblings, provided there are available seats for their grade level at the time of registration. If one child is enrolled as a Year Round Member and the sibling’s class is full, the sibling advances to the front of the wait list for that class.

Please note that siblings who do not choose Year Round Membership will still need to register using the Priority Enrollment form with a minimum of one week of summer camp.

Summer Camp Savings

Year Round Members get 3 weeks of summer camp included in the price of membership.

It can be any 3 weeks of the 4 week program we offer in August.  Choose weeks when you purchase, and feel free to change weeks anytime as often as you want, until May 31, 2017, as long as there is space in the camp you want to switch to.

Being a member also  means you get the Early Bird Discounted Price of $345 on summer camp weeks, at any time! To add summer weeks, simply add them using the parent portal.

Choose your 3 summer camp weeks before March 31, and as long as seats are available, switch weeks using our parent portal until May 31, 2017 without incurring any fees.

Payment Options:

For Kindergarten Families:
Lump Sum Payment: Families may pay the entire amount of $11,000 for Year Round Membership using a personal check or via bank transfer within 24 hours of registering for the Year Round Membership.
Payment for this may be completed via ACH Bank Transfer in the Parent Portal using the Forte Payment Network, or by dropping a personal check at our office. If paying by credit card, a 2.7% convenience charge will be added.

Installment Plan: Families may choose to pay in two installments: ($75 installment fee per payment)
First Installment Due within 24 hours of registering: $5575
Second Installment Due by 5/31/2017: $5575
Parents who choose the installment plan will be sent an invoice via our regular tuition payment system using Intuit, and parents can then pay the first installment via bank transfer (preferred) or via personal check.

Limited Availability

The number of “Year Round Memberships” available for purchase is limited by the number of roster spots available per grade.

Memberships are sold via online registration on a “first come, first serve” basis and are confirmed within one business day only when accompanied by payment using the methods described above.

If paying in installments, a manual invoice will be generated and payment made be made using bank transfer (preferred) or via personal check.

Once all roster spots have been filled for a particular grade, no more payment for Memberships will be accepted for that particular grade. If payment is wired to our bank, that payment will be refunded (or held for waitlist spots if family chooses to wait). Once a grade level roster fills, siblings of Members who do not have roster spots will be placed at the top of the waitlist for that grade.

What if I get to the registration page and all year round memberships are sold out? The system automatically adds you to the waitlist if you choose a an option that is “sold out”.  Payment for membership is not necessary to be on the waitlist.  Then, to maintain priority, please go ahead and register for Fall 2017 with individual summer weeks to be considered for a Fall roster spot.

If anyone opts out of becoming a member, we will email waitlisted families based on their spot on the waitlist and the grade level of the member who vacated the spot.

Cancellations and Refunds

Before March 31, 2017: Full Refund and loss of guaranteed spot in our Fall 2017 roster.
April 1 – May 31, 2017: Full Refund Minus Cancellation Fee of $250 and loss of guaranteed spot in our Fall 2017 roster.
June 1 – August 25, 2017: Full Refund Minus Cancellation Fee of $250, loss of guaranteed spot in our Fall 2017 roster, minus $1185 for three summer camp weeks, regardless of attendance.
August 25, 2017 and on: Full Refund Minus Cancellation Fee of $250, loss of guaranteed spot in our Fall 2017 roster, minus $1185 for three summer camp weeks, regardless of attendance, minus $1025 per month charge of Learning Bee Afterschool program attended.

Discounts for Siblings

In a family where one child is a Member and the other is not, but both received roster spots, the child paying “monthly” will continue to receive the customary 10% sibling discount on tuition.

In a family where two siblings both wish to be members, the membership price will be refunded $585 from the full year tuition for the sibling member.