Frequently Asked Questions from Incoming Kindergarten Parents

What if my child ends up in afternoon kindergarten?

If you find out you are in afternoon kindergarten, email us and we refund the registration fee minus the admin fee (total $100 refund). If you find out after we charge the first tuition on July 15th, the entire tuition amount is refunded to you.

If you decide to stay on the waitlist and not get your registration fee back, you will get first shot at priority enrollment (still subject to ranking) and any open spaces the next school year before we open the priority enrollment to new students.

What are your hours?

We are here as soon as the kindergartners get out of school as early as 11:20am. Our drivers pick them up at school and bring them to us. Students greet each other before having lunch together.  Our programmed lesson time begins at 1:30pm. Our facility closes at 6:30pm in the evening.

How many kids or teachers are in the class?

We have at most 24 students in our kindergarten class. If we feel the class is very energetic we may stop enrolling students earlier. We always have at least one head teacher and a TA in the class. Ms. Angela, our head teacher, has been with Learning Bee since we started in Fremont more than 15 years ago. We have plenty of grownups on staff who can come in at a moment’s notice if an activity requires more supervision.

Why do you have Kindergarten Summer Camp?

We love for kindergartners to come to camp so that they get to know us before school starts. Imagine that on one single day your 5 year old is meeting their school teacher plus their 24 classmates, then they have to go to a whole different unfamilar place to be with another teacher and another set of classmates! We hope to become a place your kindergartners will feel good about before school starts.

Do you offer lunch or snacks?

Because of the diversity of diets enjoyed by our families, as well as the need to be careful of allergies, we do not provide lunch or snacks on a regular basis. We have microwaves in our lunchroom, and teachers are happy to help warm lunches for those who request it.

Who are your drivers?

Our kindergarten drivers have been driving with us for close to ten years (some more). All of them are reliable, attentive, and responsible.

What if I cannot come to summer camp?

If you cannot come to summer camp, please register after our priority enrollment period (which will be on April 1st) when camps are no longer required as part of registration. If you really want to register during our priority enrollment period, there is the option to defer the amount you spent on camp until the next summer with a deferral fee of $100 per week of camp.

Got more Questions? See our FAQ page for all families

Registration Information

When you get on the Parent Orbit Page to register, please be sure to enter your child’s CURRENT grade (for this school year 2019-2020) – which, for kindergartners, would be Pre-K.

Once you register for the after school program, we will notify you of your status no later than April 1, 2020.

If you have any questions not answered by our Registration Page, please ask for help at

Proceed to Parent Orbit for Afterschool Program Registration