The Art in Science


The Art in Science was developed by a scientist and an artist to Instill a love of science in young kids (ages 4-12) via an innovative curriculum.  In this unique program, the kids learn various science topics (Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and more) with hands-on activities that turn into interesting artworks pleasing to the eye and intriguing to the mind.

Dr. Orna Kretchmer is  an experienced scientist and educator with a demonstrated history of working in science educational curriculum development. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, followed by postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, where she conducted Bioinformatics research.

Date/Topic For advanced third graders and up Mondays via Zoom 5:30 – 6:30pm

1    Jan 10   Our Body – The circulatory system
2    Jan 17   Biology and Engineering – Robotic Hand
3    Jan 24   Botany – Plants Life
4    Jan 31   Botany – Chlorophyll chromatography
5    Feb 07   Botany and Engineering – Potato battery
6    Feb 14   Valentine’s Day’s Flower Chemistry
7    Feb 28   Earth Science – Yummy soil layers
      Feb 21   No Class – Presidents Day
8    Feb 28   Earth Science – Understanding Geisers
9    Mar 07   Earth Science – The Titanic –  glaciers and icebergs
10   Mar 14  Engineering – Carousel
11   Mar 21  Crazy Chemistry – Corn plastic
12   Mar 28  Engineering – Spaghetti Strength
13   Apr 04   Robots – coloring bot
14   Apr 11   Physics – balanced forces
       Apr 18   No Class Spring Break
15   Apr 25   Crazy Chemistry – cleaning money
16   May 2   Engineering – Dancing Puppet
17   May 9   Math Magic -Möbius strip
18   May 16  The Golden Ratio – Math in nature
19   May 23  Renewable Energy – Solar S’mores
       May 30   No Class – Memorial Day

$20 per class, single class drop in’s are welcome. Please email us for details.

Credits and Bonuses

What if I have credit from March 2020?

If you have credit with us, meaning you have already prepaid for on-site summer camp or for afterschool tuition that has not been used due to the shelter-in-place, please register as usual at our registration portal.

When you get to check out, please click the “PAY AT LEARNING BEE” option. We will deduct the amount you are using now from the credit that you have, and send you a receipt or invoice for the balance.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

No refunds are given for missed classes for any reason unless initiated by Learning Bee.

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