In Person Morning Sessions

In Person Zoom Supervision During School Hours  – 8:30am – 3:00pm

A number of families have requested supervision of Zoom sessions for their younger students. Our first priority is safety. These are the details for in person Zoom supervision.

  • Bring your own device with a keyboard and a headset with a mic attached.
  • Students will be seated as far away as possible with a maximum of 6 per classroom (much greater than 6 ft minimum social distancing)
  • Each student will have a designated space during the entirety of the session.
  • Each student will bring all of their own equipment so there is no sharing.
  • Masks will not be required during zoom with FUSD classroom teacher.
  • Masks will be required during any free time away from their desks.
  • Students will eat snacks at their desks.
  • Supervising teacher will assist with technical issues and homework as needed.
  • Other things to bring: water, snack, backpack, school assignment books, textbooks, workbooks, items needed during break.
  • Session Commitment is 5 days a week from September 21 – October 30, 2020 from 8:30am – 2:30pm daily (30 school days, 6 hours a day)
  • Cost of 4-person Pod: $3600 for the session; Cost of 6 person Pod: $2880 for the session

In Person Learning Pods After School

In Person Learning Pod After School at Learning Bee from 3:00 – 6:00pm

We are offering 2 pods only at this time. Parents who have indicated their interest may form small pods and will contact each other to agree on specific social distancing rules for the Pod families.

  • Commitment: 5 days a week, 3 hours a day which includes homework help and enrichment activities.
  • Pods will consist of 4 to 6 students who meet regularly at dedicated Learning Bee rooms that have windows and outside doors.
  • No one other than the Pod and dedicated teacher will enter that room during the Pod time.
  • Each pod will have the same dedicated teacher for the entirety of the 3 week session.
  • Students will bring all of their own supplies (masks, backpacks, writing/art supplies, water bottle, snacks).
  • There will be no sharing of supplies.
  • Masks will be required during any free time away from their desks.
  • Session Commitment is 5 days a week from September 21 – October 30, 2020 from 2:00 – 5:00pm daily (30 school days, 3 hours a day except Wednesday)
  • Cost of 4-person Pod: $2250 for the session; Cost of 6 person Pod: $1800 for the session
  • Sample Schedule Below from Session 1 Afterschool Pod:



Credits and Bonuses

What if I have credit from March 2020?

If you have credit with us, meaning you have already prepaid for on-site summer camp or for afterschool tuition that has not been used due to the shelter-in-place, please register as usual at our registration portal.

When you get to check out, please click the “PAY AT LEARNING BEE” option. We will deduct the amount you are using now from the credit that you have, and send you a receipt or invoice for the balance.


Referral Bonus!

Any brand new students being referred by an existing Learning Bee family will be given a $50 credit when the student enrolled for service of $350 and more. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

After first day of service (September 21): $250 Cancellation fee. Remainder credited to your Learning Bee account for future services.
September 25, 2020 and on: No refunds/credits given.
No refunds are given for missed classes for any reason unless initiated by Learning Bee.

Pod Policy

In-Person Learning POD Operation Policy (Rev. 2, 8-25-2020):

  • For Session 2 of School Year 2020-2021 (September 21 – October 31), Learning Bee will only operate POD size with minimum of 4, maximum of 6 students
  • Only 2 Afterschool PODs will be available onsite contingent to commitment made by parents prior to first day of service
  • Each POD will be led by one designated staff who will be working directly with POD participants during the entire period.
  • All staff and POD participants will be mandated to wear mask and other necessary protective gears (face shield, gloves, etc) 
  • Each POD will be designated with a set physical classroom space (with windows and exit doors directly opened to outside) to allow maximum air ventilation during operation hours.
  • Each POD will also be assigned with a designated restroom within vicinity to the classroom where is restricted to that POD teacher and participants only. 
  • The designated POD classrooms & restrooms will not be used or shared by any other individuals during and outside of the POD operation hours to maintain utmost exclusivity of usage for the POD.
  • Both POD teacher and participants must have temperature check upon entering the facility
  • Each physical space assigned to the POD will be sanitized with both commercial and industrial grade disinfectants with the following schedule:
    • Beginning of the day prior to POD operation hours
    • POD bathroom will be cleaned (with disinfecting spray and wipes) every 30 mins.  Students must adhere to proper protocol to request  POD teacher for permission to use bathroom during POD hours.
    • Student must use hand sanitizer upon re-entering to the POD classroom even after washing hands at the POD bathroom
    • All desk surface will be wiped clean before and after snack/lunch time by students per instruction by teacher
    • End of day cleaning will be done by POD teacher or designated LB staff.
  • Upon dismissal at end of POD period, students must pack up all personal belonging and use hand sanitizer prior to depart the facility
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the POD classroom during check-in or check-out time 
  • In person communications between POD teacher and parents must be done outside of the classroom and with social distancing

Learning Bee follows CDC guidelines ( meticulously along with our in-house operation policy.  We reserve the right to deny or cancel any in-person service should any POD participants and families disrespect Learning Bee guidelines and other’s health and safety. No refund will be issued.

Got Questions?


What happens if my pod teacher cannot make it?

An interim POD teacher will be available if only parents give consent for the substitution upon notification of the POD teacher’s absence.  Should POD service get interrupted due to teacher’s absence and parents decline the substitution arrangement, credit will be given on the missed day of POD service in this case.

Will there be more in-person pods in the future?

We will only offer in person POD contingent to teacher availability and willingness to be exposed to a pod on safety concern.   Should COVID cases surges in Alameda County, we will reserve the right to put the service on hold.

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