Legacy Student Registration Information

Here is what legacy families must do to register for the 2019-2020 School Year at Learning Bee:

* Please note that re-enrollment is NOT automatic, your action is required.
* Legacy families must act between Tuesday, January 29 to Friday, February 1. Legacy Registration will end at 9pm, Friday, February 1, 2019.
* Registration fee is $100 per family. Current families will receive a $15 discount at checkout.
* Registration fee is non-refundable if you are granted a roster spot.
* Registration is to be done online at the Parent Orbit Parent Portal.
* Registration for the next school year do not need to be accompanied by summer camp registration.
* We’d LOVE for you to come to summer camp nonetheless! Therefore we are giving Legacy families a special deal on Summer Camp.  (Summer Camp Website) Legacy families who register for at least 2 weeks of summer camp before March 31st can do so at $325 per week. Parents will get refunded the difference the next day.
* Year Round Memberships are also available. (Details on the website). The special perk is that extended care is free for Year Round Members.)
* Families who register during this legacy enrollment period are guaranteed a spot.
* Siblings new to Learning Bee should also register at this time.

What if I miss the Jan 29 to Feb 1 enrollment period?

You can register with the current students between Feb 3rd to 8th, but you will be required to purchase two weeks of summer camp in order to complete registration.

If you wait beyond the 8th, you will have to compete with new students to get a spot.